Neurospirituality YouTube videos now live!

Neurospirituality is an emerging discipline that fuses neuroscience and spirituality studies in order to examine human experience in a new way.


Three aspects of Dr. Ferguson’s Neurospirituality work

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1) Original Research

Dr. Ferguson is an Instructor in Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a neuroscientist at the Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics. His most recent publication in the journal Biological Psychiatry is titled A neural circuit for spirituality and religiosity derived from patients with brain lesions. A PDF of this article may be downloaded here.

Dr. Ferguson is currently launching the Neurospirituality Lab in the Harvard academic ecosystem! The Neurospirituality Lab will greatly expand Dr. Ferguson’s neurospirituality research agenda and allow him to train more scientists in this exciting field.

2) Neurospirituality Multimedia Content

Dr. Ferguson is actively curating neurospirituality multimedia content designed to communicate insights from this new field to a general audience. Early neurospirituality multimedia content is now available on Dr. Ferguson’s NeuroMichael YouTube channel.

3) Neurospirituality Harvard Course

Dr. Ferguson has launched a semester-long Neurospirituality course at Harvard Divinity School! The syllabus for Dr. Ferguson’s Harvard Divinity School Neurospirituality course may be found here. He is also developing course curriculum for a Neuroscience and Meditation course and a Neuroscience and Mysticism course.


Neurospirituality is grounded in humble realism.
Which, after all, seems more likely?–
i) intelligent mud fully understands the matrix in which it came to life,
ii) there is more to the universe than our intellective faculties alone apprehend.

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