Neurospirituality Quarterly Webinar Series

Which is more likely:
Intelligent mud can fully understand the complexity of the matrix that brought it to life? Or, that there is more going on in the universe than our rational faculties can comprehend?

Neurospirituality Webinar Series

The neurospirituality webinar series is a live virtual event hosted quarterly by Dr. Michael Ferguson to explore the intersections of neuroscience and spirituality studies. The neurospirituality webinar series launches on Sunday December 20th at 6 PM Eastern Time (USA).

Themes for the 2021 neurospirituality webinar series are:

  • March 2021: Practical Mysticism
  • June 2021: Soul & Brain
  • September 2021: The Spiritual Eye
  • December 2021: The Dark Night

More information including texts for neurospirituality webinar series readings coming soon!


NeuroMichael’s Book Club

Finding the sweet spot between cynicism and gullibility–NeuroMichael’s Book Club is a space to discover and examine big ideas with enthusiasts for intellectual and spiritual exploration. 

NeuroMichael’s Book club

NeuroMichael’s Book Club launching in 2021!


The Spirology Project

If Francis Bacon could organize a taxonomy of life that gave rise to the scientific discipline of biology, then we can organize a taxonomy of spiritual practices that will give rise to a scientific discipline of human spirituality. 

The Spirology Project

The Spirology Project is Dr. Michael Ferguson’s initiative to organize a taxonomy of spiritual practices in collaboration with scholars from diverse spiritual traditions and academic disciplines. Learn more about The Spirology Project by attending a quarterly neurospirituality webinar.

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