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Introduction to Neurospirituality

Discover an exciting new field of science with NeuroMichael: neurospirituality. Neurospirituality is an emerging fusion of neuroscience and spirituality studies. Follow NeuroMichael’s YouTube series on Neurospirituality to learn more about this forefront in human knowledge.


(2020 Soul & Brain Symposium)

Dr. Michael Ferguson discusses the concept of neurospirituality and shares preliminary research findings from this emerging field of science at the 2020 Soul & Brain Symposium.


This is Your Brain on God

Can science give us insights into age-old questions about religion? In this talk, Dr. Michael Ferguson describes the study he and his team conducted on believing Mormons when they reported to “feel the Spirit,” a central event in Mormon worship. What they found might surprise both believers and skeptics.

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